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Léo Derbois

Fascinated by computers science since I was 14 years old, and especially by the UNIX world. I love to improve and share my knowledge.


    Clermont-Ferrand (France) Visit web page

    Coordinate all the technical side at WISIMAGE.

    Find ITs solutions for international beauty companies. Open doors to the best solution in Digital Skin Care, Augmented Reality Makeup, Product recommendation for online and In-Store.

    Work directly with major accounts to determine needs in technology to improve their digital audience.

    Manage internal and external developers as well as Research and Development in Biometry, Facial recognition, and Digital Skin Care.

  • Mobile Project Manager & iOS Lead Developer at WISIMAGE
    Clermont-Ferrand (France) Visit web page

    In charge of WISIMAGE mobile team & projects - iOS, Android and backend. My everyday jobs in few lines:

    • develop WISIMAGE iOS frameworks
      • BeautyKit : display makeup in realtime on your face
      • SkinDiag: detect skin imperfection and recommand skin product to repair it
    • Working directly with partners and customers to support and lead their projects
    • develop iOS WISIMAGE and customers/partners applications (iPhone/iPad).
    • manage developers tasks.
  • iOS Developer at WISIMAGE
    Clermont-Ferrand (France) Visit web page

    In charge to develop an iOS application to demonstrate all Wisimage knowledge in facial recognition and inteligent live make up. I developed MakeUp Live user interface by offering a very simple user experience which is capable to show all Wisimage know-how. I worked closely with designer to attract eyes of potential clients.

  • OS X & iOS Developper at AQUAFADAS
    Montpellier (France) Visit web page

    In charge to develop OS X application for Aquafadas. Some of my projects :

    In charge to develop iOS user interface components for Aquafadas iOS template applications.

    In charge to studying solutions to improve internal framework architecture and external framework integration. Worked on a CocoaPods creation for internal developers and clients.

  • OS X Developper (Intern) at AQUAFADAS
    Montpellier (France) Visit web page

    Implement AppFactory Android, a Mac OS X application which allows to generate Android Kiosks, magazines and books easily.

  • iOS developper (Intern) at VESALIS
    Clermont-Ferrand (France) Visit web page

    Recherche & Development to create a facial recognition application with Vesalis API. Implement an Universal Framework (Mac and iOS in Objective C) based on Vesalis facial recognition library (in C++) and an user interface which permit to detect people on camera.

  • Create a benchmark system for company server (Intern) at VESALIS
    Clermont-Ferrand (France) Visit web page

    in charge of the creation of a C++/Qt client-server benchmark system for the company server. This system permit to know in real-time informations (CPU, RAM, Fan speed,etc.) and launch unit test on Vesalis API to get statistics informations.

  • Creating RMC/MMC console for ReactOS (School Project)
    Institute Of Technology of Clermont-Ferrand (France)

    School project, with a 4 people team, we implemented the ReactOS Management Console, equivalent of the Microsoft Management Console, for the ReactOS operating system. ReactOS is an open-source operating system intended to be binary-compatible with computer programs and device drivers made for Windows 2000 and its successors.

  • Youth Leader at Centre de loisirs des vallées vertes
    Genouilly (France)

    During 5 years, in summer (June and August), I was youth leader for 4 to 14 years old children, for a recreation center. After 2 consecutive years I became a team leader for leading external camps.



     Apple Development 


    • Swift & Objective C
    • C & C++
    • Ruby Script

    Frameworks (Most used)

    • Foundation / Core Foundation
    • UIKit / AppKit (Cocoa)
    • Core Animation
    • Core Image
    • AVFoundation / AVKit
    • Photos (AssetsLibrary)
    • SafariServices
    • Core Data
    • OpenGL ES
    • Core Graphics

    External common

    • Cocoapods (create+use)
    • Fastlane
    • AWS (Amazon)
    • Firebase
    • Alamofire/AFNetworking

    Store and Distribution

    • iTunes Connect / TestFlight
    • B2B Store
    • Enterprise Program
    • HockeyApp
    • Crashlytics

    🐧 UNIX 🐧

    Scripting Languages

    • Shell ZSH/Bash
    • Ruby
    • Python


    • GIT
    • SVN
    • SSH / SFTP
    • APT
    • Continuous Integration (CircleCI/GitlabCI)
    • Homebrew

    Most Used Distribution

    • macOS
    • Debian
    • Ubuntu



    • HTML5
    • CSS3 / SASS
    • JavaScript


    • Jekyll
    • Wordpress


  • Professional Bachelor's in Computer Sciences at Institute Of Technology of Montpellier
    Montpellier (France)

    Specialization in IT project management (AGILE Method, Scrum, commercial exchange) and deepening in software engineering.

  • 2 years technical degree in Computer Sciences (DUT) at Institute Of Technology of Clermont-Ferrand
    Clermont-Ferrand (France)

    Algorithmic, languages - object and non object (C/C++, Shell, Java, C#), web (HTML/CSS, PHP) database (PL/SQL), software engineering and software architecture (UML, Merise, Design patterns), and specialization in Linux board computer (kernel) and newtwork architecture.

  • Faculty in Computer Sciences and Mathematical at Institute Of Technology of Clermont-Ferrand
    Clermont-Ferrand (France)

    Basics of computer sciences for mathematics and physics, programming languages(C/C++), computer and network architecture.

  • Hobbies

    • 📷 Lego Bricks
    • 🏋 Crossfit
    • 🏍 Motorbike (MX and road)
    • 🏂 Snowboard
    • 🥁 Music - play drums since I'm 8
    • Playing with Linux server to do small things for fun


    Social Networking

    (Quicker than Google me )


    • Languages :
      • English (professionnal)
      • French (native language)
      • Spanish (bases)